Saskatchewan Adventure

DeerNorth America offers many great hunting and fishing destinations – and then there is Saskatchewan. Our skies really do fill with waterfowl. Our deer are the largest in the world. Our lakes teem with fish, from perch at the end of a dock to fly-in grayling and lake trout. Saskatchewan is blessed with abundant resources - enough to share with visitors from around the world. Saskatchewan people are friendly, our lifestyle is laid-back – a blend of our rural and urban heritage.

The Saskatchewan Outfitters Association represents most of the province’s finest fishing and hunting operations. Outfits that welcome guests the Saskatchewan way! SOA members have the hardest working guides, cooks and maintenance people in the province. Your outboard motor will purr. Your ATV will get you back to camp. Your guide will show you trophies you have longed-for. SOA members have one objective – to make their clients happy. Come to Saskatchewan to make your hunting and fishing dreams a reality.

Some people long for excitement.
Some people want serenity and quiet.
Some people enjoy “roughing-it”.
Some people prefer wall-to-wall carpets and access to the internet.

Saskatchewan’s outfitting industry can fulfill the dreams of sportsman who visits our province. Saskatchewan is blessed with a huge resource base. We have a lot of fish and game – and we can share it with visitors. From Saskatchewan’s prairie vistas to our endless forests we have some of the finest hunting and fishing available – on the planet.

Experience the solitude of sunrise on an un-named lake - with only a far-off loon for companionship. Experience the excitement when your lure is smashed by a hungry northern pike. Not once, not occasionally. Every cast.

Experience the rush as a huge whitetail buck steps into a clearing you have watched for hours. Your head spins. Your heart pounds so loud you fear he will spook. You take a deep breath and…

Experience friendly people. People who truly want you to enjoy your visit to our province. People who will make your dreams come true. People who cook, guide and outfit with one goal – happy clients! People who are waiting to become your Saskatchewan buddies. And they will…

Members of the Saskatchewan Outfitter’s Association make dreams happen. SOA members take pride in their professionalism. They take pride in their employees, camps, equipment and success. Do you have a hunting or fishing dream you want to turn into a reality?